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Blockchainified science

Events on Blockchain for Science

Living Knowledge Network – London Hackathon

Introduction: The current science world is grown from legacy structures – hey, we are doing good science and science is a pivotal part of our society and in...

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Hack´n`Share Weekend V0.0 in Berlin

Overview: The blockchain revolution offers great potential for Science and Knowledge creation. Immutable data trails, novel means to research money distribution and...

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Information About Blockchain for Science

Blockchain for Science – Intro Talk

was recorded at TIB non textual information 2017 conference. Will be published through the TIB AV portal - the link will be changed. Cite as

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Science goes darknet ?

Science goes darknet ?

Scientists started publishing revolutionary ideas with cryptic pseudonyms on open access publishing platforms [1]. They publish „under a ’nom de plume‘ in order to...

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Blockchain for Open Science – the living document

Blockchain for Open Science – the living document

We maintain a living document on Blockchain for Open Science. The living document on Blockchain for Open Science and knowledge creation. Use google docs to directly...

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Think Tank

Zach Ramsay
Zach Ramsay
Blockchain For Science Specialist
Shakib Wassey
Shakib Wassey
Onchain Publication and Evaluation Specialist
Ingo Keck
Ingo Keck
Data Autonomy Specialist
Peter Grabitz
Peter Grabitz
Reproducibility Specialist
Dimitra Papadopoulou
Dimitra Papadopoulou
Healthcare Research Specialist
Iliana Oris Valiente
Iliana Oris Valiente
Research-DAO Specialist
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@science_b0 A tokenized science sharing and funding platform … well, its announcement - - Great 🙂
@science_b0 Great - included the interview in our living doc !:)…
@science_b0 Living Knowledge Network - Blockchain for Science Hackathon - London #scienceblockathon…
@science_b0 RT @JorisRossum: Looking forward to participating with @MarkHahnel, @Katalysis_io, @science_b0. Exciting area! #blockchainforresearch https…
@science_b0 RT @adamclarke0: Interesting ideas on blockchain for science by @gkmilne1 @openscience @science_b0
@science_b0 Blockchain in science is more than technicalities... Its a socio-economic-legal-cultural-... (r)evolution we should……
@science_b0 Blockchain in Science is not only about the datastructure (or linked data, dezentr, ...) - its about the cryptoeconomy (+legal) as well.
@science_b0 The blockckchain (r)evolution gives us the opportunity to redesign science’s funding mechanisms/incentivation structures - lets work! 🙂
@science_b0 Great talk by @Lambo on blockchainified research data and more...…
@science_b0 RT @Kai_Gaertner: Full House @hiig_berlin for the #meetup #blockchain in #Science
@science_b0 RT @MozillaScience: Gearing up for #mozfest17 #9thFloor with Blockchain for Humanity w/@C4Innovation #openscience @10AM!…
@science_b0 RT @magomed_chatuev: Today in Berlin we will present ARNA BC and Panacea Blockchain alpha release, and share our ICO experience. Please wel…
@science_b0 RT @chartgerink: This is why we don't need blockchain for science (why we shouldn't want it has more reasons).… htt…
@science_b0 RT @Lambo: My "very quick intro to Blockchain and Open Scholarship" article… for #FORCE2017 and @science_b0 hack&sha…
@science_b0 Blockchain for Science meetup tonight:…
@science_b0 RT @kasuskasus1: Great news! ARNA Panacea repo is open… and this is done before even presale has been closed! Who el…
@science_b0 RT @soenkeba: Peer request: Lets develop good practices for ICOs in science and research: eb is invited to contribu…
@science_b0 Nature is starting to publish about Blockchain. With supply chain. Lets see what will be next.…