Blockchain For Science Con – Berlin – 2018

Very early announcement:

Blockchain For Science Con – Berlin – 2018

Hundreds of Scientists, Researchers, Open Scientists, Blockchain enthusiasts…


Two days – Two tracks:

“Serendipity”: In this unconference track, we will talk about the potential next big thing or the greatest bogus. Here is where we will find the next unicorn, the greatest fools or something in between. We will hack, work and share. There will be open mics. Here we will live in the corners of the bell curve of human creativity, and some even have to bend down to squeeze in between the curve and the X-axis. We will sit, lay and hangout on alternative furniture.

“Serious business”: This is a conference like we know it. Here we will take our responsibility as scientists serious and advance science gradually. We will work on things like subject privacy, new funding methods, Science ICOs, reproducibility crisis, etc. We will sit on chairs that are placed in rows.


Companies & Groups will showcase their projects and will probably provide business cards, stickers and T-shirts.


Blockchain For Science, Living Knowledge Network, P2P Science, ICOs for Science Funding, New Data Handling Paradigms, Continous & blockchain Attributed Publishing, Curiosity & Romance, Immutable Data Trailing, Research Subject Privacy, Cryptoeconomy in Science, IP and Blockchain, Connecting the IoRT (Internet of Research things), Future of Science, Tokenized Data Market Places, Research Motivation, Open Science, Trusted Hardware, User Autonomy, Blockchain & Peer-review, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Cryptoeconomy in Science, Healthcare Research, Lean Culture, Alternative Science Funding Methods, Decentralized Publishing, AI training & blockchain, Overhead Reduction.

Date: End of October 2018

Location: In Berlin

Tickets: In January

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