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Continous research + data autonomy

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Novel means to incentivise
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Reproducible results through openess to scientific self-correction.

Blockchainified Science

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Open data
Blockchainified science

Events on Blockchain for Science

Blockchain For Science Con – Berlin – 2018

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Information About Blockchain for Science

Blockchain for Science – Intro Talks

was recorded at TIB non textual information 2017 conference. Will be published through the TIB AV portal - the link will be changed. Cite as

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Science goes darknet ?

Science goes darknet ?

Scientists started publishing revolutionary ideas with cryptic pseudonyms on open access publishing platforms [1]. They publish „under a ’nom de plume‘ in order to...

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Think Tank

Denis Parfenov
Denis Parfenov
Open Data on Blockchain Specialist
Anuj Shah
Anuj Shah
Decentralized Publishing Specialist
Prof. Michael Friebe
Prof. Michael Friebe
Innovation and Exponential Technologies Specialist
Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl
Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl
Open Science Specialist
Benedikt Fecher
Benedikt Fecher
Open Research Data Specialist
Alex Shkor
Alex Shkor
Decentralized research rewarding platform specialist
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@science_b0 First international Blockchain For Science / Research Conference in November in Berlin hashtag is #BFSCON #BFSCON18……
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@science_b0 RT @DEIP_World: On May 20, Alex will talk about research value tokenization.
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@science_b0 RT @Lambo: Okay, @knowbella's CEO Jason E. Barkeloo came up with the by far best answer to my 1st default question for most blockchain-for-…
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@science_b0 Live stream day 2 #CRYPTSCIENCE2018
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