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Continous research + data autonomy

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Novel means to incentivise
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Reproducible results through openess to scientific self-correction.

Blockchainified Science

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Open data
Blockchainified science

Events on Blockchain for Science

Blockchain For Science Con – Berlin – 2018

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Information About Blockchain for Science

Blockchain for Science – Intro Talks

was recorded at TIB non textual information 2017 conference. Will be published through the TIB AV portal - the link will be changed. Cite as

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Science goes darknet ?

Science goes darknet ?

Scientists started publishing revolutionary ideas with cryptic pseudonyms on open access publishing platforms [1]. They publish „under a ’nom de plume‘ in order to...

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Think Tank

Iliana Oris Valiente
Iliana Oris Valiente
Research-DAO Specialist
Prof. Michael Friebe
Prof. Michael Friebe
Innovation and Exponential Technologies Specialist
Sami Benchekroun
Sami Benchekroun
Early-Stage-Science Specialiast
Massimiliano Picone
Massimiliano Picone
Science Community and Social Hacking Specialist
Dr. Shermin Voshmgir
Dr. Shermin Voshmgir
Governance Specialist
Dr. Tobias Fries
Dr. Tobias Fries
Knowledge & AI Network Specialist, Cofounder
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