Scientific Publishing on the Blockchain




SAVE THE DATE – 7-8 May 2018


Vienna University of Economics and Business


The aim of this two day unconference is to coordinate efforts around building new scientific publishing solutions to counter legacy business models, which are technologically outdated, built around walled-gardens,  slow, and often pose single points of failure, censorship potential and control of a few gatekeepers.

We therefore invite all movers and shakers of the scientific community and publishing industry who are either building or researching scientific publishing solutions, using blockchain, DLT, cryptoeconomics or associated technologies. We also invite researchers in the areas blockchain and distributed ledger technologies who are willing to try out new ways of publishing, and members of scientific funding organisations and libraries who are supportive of new approaches.

Unconference (Day 1)

  • Current Challenges in Scientific Publishing
  • Blockchain’s Potential for Scientific Publishing
  • Blockchain for Open Science
  • User autonomy
  • Immutable research data trail
  • Dynamic publications & micro attributations secured through blockchain
  • Incentivised peer/warm-review systems and the associated challenges of a reputation systems and mechanism design of such systems.
  • Legal aspects: copyright challenges of decentralized scientific publishing
  • Viewpoints of libraries, university administration and scientific funding organizations

(Social in restaurant/Bar)

Show cases, hackathon, collaboration (Day 2)

Projects will show case their projects, collaboration potential will be sondized. Potential funding solutions will be sought.


  • Research Institute for Crypto Economics, Vienna University of Economics
  • Blockchain For Science
  • BlockchainHub Berlin

Faculty members and students of the Vienna University of Economics & Business please register here for free.

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  • Mario Dewald Posted February 9, 2018 6:34 pm

    Great thinks going to happen!

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