Cryptoeconomy for Science & Research


9-10 May 2018

Zürich / Zug

Prof. Lawrence Rajendran, Dr. Martin Etzrodt

Twin symposium together with SPONBC2018

The token and cryptoeconomy, ICOs, etc. are a hot topic. Grown structures around value and value transfer are questioned. Even the existence of banks is questioned… Well, in any case, science and knowledge creation will be affected by it as well. From ICO crowdfunding to tokenization of inventions, patents, and such a like are emerging and a very interesting field.

On the long term, blockchain will make it possible to open up current silos and fix media breaches in knowledge creation. Ideally, financing, research, publishing will become a continuous and open process. While the Web 2.0 for science made larger parts of the research process open, research money distribution was not significantly affected by it. This is easily understandable, because, technically the service Web 2.0 provider could alter altmetrics or attributions and money provider couldn`t trust them not to do so. With blockchain this will change and hence the cryptoeconomy for science bears hugh potential to really influence the scientific conduct. For the first time, a ‘tech’ revolution will affect science funding. 

The aim of this 2 day unconference is to coordinate efforts in the realm of the emerging cryptoeconomy for science. 

Unconference (Day 1 in Zürich: Prof. Rajendran)

Meeting location: TBD

Microattributed publication and funding

  • ICOs for science projects and meta science projects
  • “Decentralized rewarding models for Knowledge creation” (Alex Shkor)
  • Continuous financing methods
  • From microattributions to IP – legal aspects
  • Founding of task group for good practices for ICOs in Science and Knowledge creation
  • “Fractal flows: putting scientific knowledge at the service of society” (Imad Abdallah)

Excursion to Zug (Day 2: Dr. Martin Etzrodt)

Meeting location: Validity Labs, Postplatz 1, 6300 Zug, Switzerland (Zug is within communiting distance to Zürich)

We will meet people, companies and projects in the Cryptovalley and we will enjoy the beautiful lake. 

  • Visit to Validity labs
  • Show case of solutions
  • Founding of a task group for tokenized research platforms (see telegram group below)
  • Founding of a task group for novel value propositions in science and knowledge creation
  • Visit to ‘a city representative’
  • Foto shooting, Facebook check-in ‘We have been to the cryptovalley’
  • Coffee at the lake

(Please consider this telegram group – seems to be the most complete regarding science on the blockchain)

(See this document on an overview on Blockchain For Science projects)

(Program is prelimnary and subject to changes, if you want to show case your project, etc. please let us know – everyone is welcome, there will be open mic)

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