Steps – 2019 – Barcelona

Location: Akasha Hub, Barcelona, Spain

Date: May 8-10th, 2019

Organization: Dr. Martin Etzrodt, PD Dr. Sönke Bartling

  • 8th of May: Scientific publishing on the Blockchain – decentralized social networking for science- #SPONBC19
  • 9th of May: Crypto – & Tokeneconomy for Science – #CRYPTSCIENCE19
  • 10th of May: steps – A Blockchain For Science workshop, we get stuff done #steps

Decentralized Publishing, IPFS, ICO for Science projects, status of projects, Web 3.0 for Science, decentralized data, new data handling paradigms, Research-DAOs, International Society of Blockchain For Science, toking bonding curves, legal aspects, integration of all stakeholders, …

All in an unconference / workshop style.

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