Steps – 2019 – Barcelona

Location: Akasha Hub, Barcelona, Spain

Date: May 10-11th, 2019

Organization: Martin Etzrodt, Sönke Bartling

Topics: Decentralized Publishing and social networking for science, IPFS, Web3 for science, ICO for Science projects, new value propositions, grant money distribution and tracking through blockchain, new deals on research data …


Program is work in progress – if you want to present write to us.

  • 10th of May, afternoon #SPONBC19: Scientific publishing and communication backed by blockchain technology
    • Adrià Massanet: A hands-on workshop on zk-snarks using Zokrates & SnarksJS.
    • Andrei Sambra: AKASHA Bridging Networks with Hyperdata – a storage & network-agnostic data model and schema(s) for linking data across different networks and platforms.
    • PD Dr. Sönke Bartling: The year of Blockchain For Science & Web3, Web 3.0, decentralization …  in the context of science WTH?
    • Dr. Martin Etzrodt: AKASHA social networking for research
    • Dr. Imad Abdallah: Experimenting with Fractal flows: from linked data, prediction markets to  monetization of open science platforms – Interactive presentation.
    • Pepo Ospina: Introduction to the _Protocol, like GIT but for ideas and conversations.
    • Social dinner


  • 11th of May #CRYPTSCIENCE19: The emerging cryptoeconomy for science and knowledge creation
    • Prof. Stefan Krauss: Status of science funding and perspectives for the future
    • PD Dr. Sönke Bartling: Blockchain tokens and new idea economies as a mean to make innovations fly
    • Theo Beutel: Exploring new ways to coordinate and fund research: the case of DAOs
    • Prof. Jens Ducrée: An Open-Platform Approach for Promoting Democratisation of Value Creation in  RTD enabled by Distributed Ledger Technologies
    • Daniel Shavit: The abstract machine: presentation of an immutable, decentralised and self governed academic journal project running on top of Pando and discussion on possible extensions and implications for open-science
    • How to cook a DAO – interactive workshop with members of the DAOstack GenesisDAO (Kate Beecroft & Francesca Pick)
    • ….

Hands-on workshops will be announced.

Suggested close by budget accomodation: Travelodge Barcelona Poblenou

Telegram channel for this event.

The event will most likely be recorded and published.

All in an unconference / workshop style.

Terms: BFS Blockchain For Science GmbH is formal handling agent. Program, dates, times and location are subject to change. Video & Audio recording and livestreaming planned. Free cancellation until 2 weeks before the event, after that we will keep 25% of the ticket price. No refunds in case of cancellation by the organizers. The organizers does not accept any liability for the accuracy or truthfulness of the presentations and information shared on the webpage, stream or during the presentations.

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