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I´m very excited to support the first ICO for a research project. It´s is ARNA Panacea Genomics. I talked to the team via Skype and it looks like they have the right team together +  spirit. In lab experiments (both with blood from animals as well as humans) they found a combination of RNA that indicates that breast cancer is present (For background see here). They want to evaluate the test on humans now. Furthermore, they will use a blockchainified database to do a continous evaluation of the test during initial and later deployment – a good idea and this will be useful in any case. They have patent applications out (one up to PCT). Of course, if everything works (meaning the test holds up to its expectations in the real world) then it would be a humongous thing. Friends that I have asked said, it might well work, technically, but the test quality must be sufficient to add something to the already available tests (e.g. the pos  & neg. predictive value in comparison to clinical inspection, etc.). Well, it is what they want to find out, and they will use a blockchainified database for that.

Are you a scientist who knows the field well? Then drop me an email. A company working on similar solutions is: Grail.

I give them a clear thumbs up for being the first movers and wish them good luck and lots of tokens!

PD Dr. Sönke Bartling

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