Teach first

Teach first! One of our most important projects will be to educate the scientific community. The blockchain revolution comes with many aspects. New legal, financial...

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The future We will set up a Resarch-DAO - a Distribute Autonomous Research Organization (also DARO). It will be an open-source, smart contract based entity that...

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From centralized, to decentralized, to …. The moon! Initially we will adhere to a traditional, centralized governance model. It will likely overlap with an existing...

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Coin offering

Let´s leverage passion! A blockchain for science coin will be issued. Tokens that are minted in an established blockchain system and exchanged for established coins...

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Smart privacy

Let´s fix research subject privacy concerns for good! Smart contracts can be used to prove that data postprocessing is done in a certain way and only in a certain...

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Smart evidence

We keep science meaningful. Smart contracts will be used make the whole research process provable to the outside. They can also be used to pre-register studies and...

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