Alex Shkor

Alex Shkor

Decentralized research rewarding platform specialist

Founder of DEIP – decentralized research platform which fairly rewards scientists corresponding to their contribution to global science.

Alex is blockchain architect and an expert in scalable distributed systems. He had been working as a Chief Technical Officer and a member of the board of directors at Paralect company for 4 years, but decided to leave to focus on most challenging academic problems and try to solve them by applying Blockchain technology and introducing strong economic models, that will maintain protocol of new society.
At the moment his primary focus is to form community of researchers, which will take a role of initial members of decentralized research platform and be presented in genesis block of the DEIP blockchain at its start point, and will lead further researcher reviews, affecting thus on a distribution of emissions across all researchers and disciplines. This will be achieved by allocating special DIEP-Gravity tokens to the group of initial members accordingly to their principal activities and specializations.



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